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Offering you a host of accounting and financial management services that include tax practice and secretarial functions for entities.

Accounting Services

Offering you a host of Accounting and Financial management services that include TAX Practice and secretarial functions for entities.


Accounting and Financial Management

  • Processing of accounting records for all types and sizes of entities.

  • Preparation of financial statements.

  • Payroll functions.

  • Preparation of monthly management financial statements, cash flow and budgetary process controls.

  • Providing support and set-up of accounting systems.

  • Business valuations.

  • Internal control evaluation and assessments.


Tax Practice

  • Corporate and personal taxation advice, including income tax, VAT, estate duty, capital gains tax (CGT), security transfer taxation (STT) and donations tax.

  • Completion and submittals of income tax returns and all other statutory returns (VAT, PAYE, RSC, WCA etc.).

  • Completion and lodging of provisional tax returns for entities and individuals.

  • Registration of businesses and individuals with statutory bodies (VAT, PAYE, UIF, SDL, WCA etc.).


Secretarial Functions for Entities

  • Registration of new companies at CIPC and supply of shelf companies.

  • Conversion from Close Corporations to Companies.

  • All statutory changes of private companies and close corporations (changes in shareholding/members contributions, changes in directors/members, share buy backs, issue of additional shares, increase/decrease of the authorized share capital, changes in registered office and company addresses etc.).


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