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With a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, higher Certificate in Short Term Insurance and 8 years of experience, Cherae possesses a wealth of knowledge in financial planning, risk management and related services.


Cherae started in a entry level position in Houston-Brown & Jackson and has worked her way up to being an authorised representative. She truly understands the processes involved from Financial Planning to the mechanics behind administration and processing.


To ensure her service is professional and at the highest standard, Cherae has continually improved on her training and experience. Cherae has a passion for people and is dedicated to assisting clients not only obtain their goals but also financial freedom. She is well equipped to assist clients in making important financial decisions and plans for each important milestone in her client’s lives.


She is passionate about service and ensures clients are afforded fair treatment, exceptional planning, mentoring and guidance in the financial planning process, meticulous administration and assistance in services required.

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