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As a financial advisor with 23 years of experience within the financial services sector, Robert is registered as a representative at Houston-Brown and Jackson (Pty) Ltd and certified with the medical schemes council of South Africa. His training and experience has equipped him to offer sound financial planning advice to both corporates and individuals.
Along with his financial expertise, he manages the Information Technology Department in the Company. As an IT Specialist, Robert is responsible for the security and backup of all the Company's data and information.
“More than just the sum of my experience, I always strive to build a relationship with my clients that allows me to better implement the six steps of financial planning, as outlined by the Financial Planning Institute. This is a holistic and ongoing process, which assists in designing a financial strategy for my clients that can help them realise long-term financial security, and provide them with the freedom to achieve their dreams and life goals.
Financial decisions can be complicated, but I aim to make financial wisdom accessible to all my clients, regardless of age or experience by presenting the facts in layman’s terms. I can assist with short term and long term financial goals, in fact, many of my clients are medical doctors who have been with me since they were interns and are now successful specialists in their field. Some of my corporate business relationships have spanned 19 years, proving that customer satisfaction and sustainability really do go hand in hand.
My business ethos is simple. Be trustworthy in order to build trust. Along with sound financial advice and guidance, is the reliability that I bring to my business relationships. Trust is the key to my success and my clients’ success too.”
“The ability to establish, grow, extend, and restore trust is the key professional and personal competency of our time.” – Stephen Covey

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