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The world of financial planning can be a daunting place but at Houston Brown and Jackson (Pty) Ltd we assist in providing you with direction regardless of the phase of your life.

Your financial needs are very individual and to address your financial needs effectively, to overcome any financial or planning shortfalls, and to achieve your goals successfully, we work with you to gather your financial information and set your unique individual financial planning goals in place. We do this by conducting a full and detailed financial analysis and evaluate your current financial position and then making personalised financial planning recommendations. We assist you in selecting the right products to implement these recommendations and then monitor your unique portfolio and make annual adjustments.


Employees are your most valuable asset. Employment benefits such as life and disability cover, funeral benefits, private health care and retirement planning, can earn you loyalty, decrease absenteeism, increase productivity and secure staff retention. Appropriate employee benefits reduce the liability to your company and offer employees peace of mind for their family's financial security.


Minimize the financial burden in the event of you loosing any of your most valuable assets, like your house or vehicle due to loss, fire or damage. You work hard for these assets, so be sure that you are adequately and correctly insured.


We have been in a low-growth environment, due to our economy under-performing and growing at less than 1% per annum over the past 3 years. It has become critical to ensure we have the correct strategies in place to extract the best possible performance of investment funds while in this environment. With no prospect in the immediate future of a return to the yields we were accustomed to 3 to 7 years ago, your investments need to be managed even more closely than before.

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